Baam’s Thorn looks awfully similar in position to the Beniamino Bros. wings. Maybe that means it’ll have similar consequences, limitations etc. Although it could just be cosmetic. 


Tower of God Sketches (May 22, 2013), by SIU

Bonus: (not pictured)Because there were many people asking to draw in the dots

How SIU spent his first three days of break “resting” his injured wrist…

How he manages such amazing drawings with an injured wrist I’ll never know but I’m loving them, although SIU you need some rest, your fans love you and want you to feel better <3

Had a look at GoDai’s translation, few things to let you guys know.

  • DanielSheen was right about Viole saying tank (not fatass)
  • SIU commented on Naver “A wild Hatsu appeared”
  • The wording of Mangacow’s translation can be confusing
    Mangacow: “Leader everyone is on board including Verdi”
    GoDai: “Leader. We met Verdi. We’re all standing by in the assigned locations.” (So yes they’re not on Archimedes, although you probably figured that out by the end of the chapter :P)
Viole vs Androssi

Possible outcomes (remember these are predictions)

  • Viole and Androssi fight, Viole holds back so he can’t hurt his friend
  • Viole uses Fast Skip and strolls off with the Traveller
  • Androssi shoots a light bullet at the Traveller so she can fight Viole without interference
  • Androssi will address him as Viole then the Traveller will correct her and say his name is 25th Baam (the next two points are possible results of this one
  • Androssi realises it is Baam and you know reunion and what not
  • Androssi flies into a rage because to her knowledge the man that killed Koon will have assumed the name of her dead friend (this would piss anyone off)
  • Androssi and Viole have an epic fight but it gets interrupted, possibly by a member of team FUG sending Viole up to the ship.

P.S. Reflejo and Yuto are so scared. 

Is there any way to contact him? I read on one of the last pages of the scanlated posts (Batoto, though I do check out the comicnaver raw posts to support him) where SIU usually leaves a note, that he needed someone who is good with Spanish? I've lived in Spain for many years and so I know Spanish, is there anyway I can help? I love this story and I wish to help in anyway I can, will SIU really take help though, or was he just trollin'? :P

I’d suggest using whatever messaging system naver has, seems like the best way to me, I’d say there was a level of seriousness considering the Kun Family has a lot of Spanish names/attacks.

New chapter thoughts?

Personally I’m really happy Dan is finally in a more friendly team, he even just seems happier around them, although it could just be me but still ^.^


Interesting chapter

"So Ran, Novik, Cassano , Baam and possibly big teddy all on one team sounds pretty epic. and has me much more interested in the the outcome of the workshop battle now"

Yeah I’m a tad concerned about Horyang though, he hasn’t moved in a few chapters :/ Not looking forward to the month or two wait for the Regulars to assemble. Viole’s current team is full of power it’ll be crazy.

ToG 2.51

I don’t even know what to say, SIU you’re killing us man, Rachel you’re a fucking crazy bitch, I thought the way Koon killed the assassin was bad but geez her killing Dan was horrible. To end it with Viole screaming like that, it felt so painful :’(


this is a Baam/Viole appreciation blog, if no one noticed.

I like it :)